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Leaks, release date and performance

The Apple A16 Bionic is speculated to be the next processor designed for the iPhone and will reportedly debut in the iPhone 14 Pro.

According to a well-known Apple leaker Ming-Chi KuoThe A16 Bionic could eventually use the same 5nm process as Apple’s existing A15 Bionic chip. That’s not to say there won’t be a performance boost in the next generation, but Kuo admits it’s likely to be “limited.”

Kuo even suggests that Apple will only call the new chip “Apple A16 Bionic” for marketing purposes, as there won’t be much difference from the current A15 Bionic.

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release date

The Apple A16 Bionic chip is expected to be unveiled during the annual iPhone event this September.

The iPhone 14 Pro is believed to be the very first phone to feature a processor, with the vanilla iPhone 14 using the existing A15 Bionic instead.


According to an Apple whistleblower @VNchocoTacoThe Apple A16 Bionic will use the same TSMC 5nm process as its predecessor, the Apple A15 Bionic.

This means Apple will have to rely mostly on GPU upgrades and the introduction of LPDDR5 RAM to see significant performance gains.

We usually ignore rumors and leaks from an account with very little credibility, but a well-known source of information about Apple Ming-Chi Kuo confirmed these reports and clarified them.

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He suggests that the potential performance boost seen with the next generation chip may be “limited” and that the only reason Apple changed the name of the processor from A15 Bionic to A16 Bionic is for marketing purposes.

So why can’t Apple make the processor faster? It appears that TSMC (the company that supplies Apple with the necessary technology) will not have its 4nm process node ready until 2023 at the earliest. For Apple, having a smaller technology node is important because it allows the company to cram more transistors into the CPU for better performance.

If all these reports turn out to be accurate, it’s unlikely that the performance of the iPhone 14 Pro will be much different from that of the iPhone 13 Pro. But with the iPhone already showing superior performance to compete with the best Android phones, this is probably not a major issue for Apple.

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