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Latest iOS 15 Beta Fixes An Annoying Camera Bug

It looks like the latest iOS 15 beta will be able to automatically remove glare from your photos.

Spotted on Reddit, the user pointed out that iOS Beta 4 seems to be able to automatically remove lens flare during image processing.

The developers of the popular iOS camera app Halide also noticed this nifty trick with Twittershowing two photographs of a grassy field against the backdrop of the sun.

A Reddit user claimed to have only noticed the change when using the Live Photo feature on the iPhone, which allowed them to notice there was a slight lens flare on the left side of the photo.

You can see the photos below, on the left is the original photo, and on the right photo is the version without glare:

Credit: Reddit

You can see the little green balls in the left photo, which is probably familiar to iPhone users.

According to other Reddit users, the iPhone XS, iPhone 11, and iPhone 12 can handle and remove glare in photos.

It’s unclear if older iPhones are also capable of automatically eliminating lens flare, and many of iOS 15’s features are exclusive to iPhones with A12 Bionic or newer, which debuted in 2018 on the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR.

The photos also show how Apple can improve and enhance its iPhone camera while maintaining high quality photos.

iOS 15 has so far spent most of its time on camera features for Facetime, including the blue background mode in portrait video and the voice-isolating microphone setup.

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