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Karachi court fined mobile phone maker for selling defective phone

According to recent news reports, a consumer court in Karachi imposed a fine, which resulted in a mobile phone company imposing a fine for delivering a faulty mobile phone to a customer.

According to the buyer, he bought the phone for Rs. 15,000 in July last year, but the cell phone went down as it continued to reboot. The customer sent the phone to the company for repair, but the company never returned the phone and claimed there was a shortage of certain parts, so repairs were not possible.

As a result, the South Karachi Consumer Court imposed a fine of Rs. 10,000 per company. This included orders to either return the phone after repair or provide a new mobile in working order. This included a warning to initiate a contempt of court case against a mobile device company if they were unable to reimburse the consumer.

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