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JioPhone Prepares to Launch in Diwali, Spearhead Digital Transformation: Google CEO Sundar Pichai

Google CEO Sundar Pichai has confirmed that the JioPhone Next smartphone will launch in India at Diwali. The smartphone was developed in collaboration with Reliance and runs Pragati OS, a new Android-based software optimized for Indian audiences. Pichai said in a recent call to the company that the phone goes beyond English and is intended for people in India. He believes JioPhone Next will spearhead the transition from phones to smartphones for a large segment of the population.

Pichai explained investors that JioPhone Next is seen as the foundation for India’s digital transformation. The CEO added that this localized, feature-packed smartphone with an aggressive price tag will have a big impact over the next three to five years.

“We are seeing a demand for people looking to switch from regular phones to smartphones. We are creating a phone that goes beyond simple English, and we get languages, and we take into account the local needs of people, and we do it in such a way that many people can take advantage of the smartphone, ”explained the manager during a phone call. “In general, India, like the Asia-Pacific region, continues to be an interesting market for us. We see strengths in all the categories in which we participate. And so you will continue to see how we are focused on this. “

The new JioPhone Next was recently detailed in a teaser video. JioPhone Next is expected to run on an optimized Android-based Pragati OS and receive automatic software updates. … The phone has a Qualcomm chipset. Other features include voice support, read aloud, translator, 13MP rear camera, and preloaded Google and Jio apps. Rear camera features will include portrait mode, night mode and pre-loaded custom augmented reality filters for India.

The price and availability of the JioPhone Next has yet to be announced. However, a previous leak suggests that the upcoming Jio smartphone could be priced at Rs. $ 3499 or less.

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