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JioPhone Next comes with a pre-installed device lock feature to avoid default payments

JioPhone Next is pre-loaded with a device lock that allows Reliance Jio to restrict access in case you cannot pay for its EMI. The “device lock” feature, as the company calls it on the banner, appeared on the first JioPhone Next devices, which were shown to the media ahead of its sale. Jio announced the availability of JioPhone Next in collaboration with Google last week. The phone is priced at Rs. 6,499, although it can be purchased by paying an upfront payment of Rs. 1999, and the rest through simple EMI installments for up to 24 months.

The pre-loaded device lock measure is designed to restrict user access if the purchaser does not pay for the EMI. However, instead of keeping it in the background, Jio has placed a banner in the notification bar that highlights the padlock and reads, “Device provided by financier.”

It can be confidently expected that the device lock will be limited to JioPhone Next units, which will be purchased using the EMI options and will not be available if the customer pays the entire cost of the phone at once.

Notably, JioPhone Next is not the first Android phone in the Indian market to be preinstalled with a measure to restrict access in the event of a payment default. Some financial companies and private lenders in India also started to deploy similar solutions to phones that are bought through their EMI options for debt collection.

Last year Google also noticed the creation of the application called the Device Lock Controller, which was aimed at restricting access to a device if the user could not pay his fees.

Gadgets 360 learned that Jio originally developed a device lock measure available on JioPhone Next to avoid bad debt incidents due to non-payment of EMI in the future.

Unlike conventional EMI options, Jio has combined the JioPhone Next installment plan with its dedicated prepaid plans. These plans start at Rs. 300 per month for 24 months and go up to Rs. 600 per month for 18 months. Each plan includes the benefits of data and voice calls along with EMI JioPhone Next.

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