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iPhone SE 4 release date, pricing, features and design rumors

iPhone SE is Apple’s budget iPhone, offering flagship performance at half the price of Apple’s top-end iPhones. The problem is that the third generation iPhone SE shares the same basic design and display as the iPhone 8, a phone first released back in 2017.

It certainly looks a little dated compared to its mid-range Android rivals, but rumors suggest that could change with the next-gen iPhone SE, which is rumored to launch in 2023 or 2024.

Here’s everything you need to know about the next iPhone SE right now, from release and pricing speculation to the latest leaks and rumors.

When will the iPhone SE 4 be released?

Apple doesn’t update the iPhone SE every year: there is almost four years between the release of the first and second generation SE, and just under two years between the release of the 2020 iPhone SE 2 and the March 2022 iPhone SE 3.

With that said, we can see a pattern starting to emerge: all releases happen in the spring, about 6 months after the release of the latest iPhone lineup.

We’re also seeing Apple starting to stick to the roughly two-year iPhone SE release schedule, which means we should expect the iPhone SE 4 to launch in early 2024, as confirmed by online rumors.

The main source for release date news is display analyst Ross Young, who has an impressive track record when it comes to leaks and predictions related to iPhone and iPad displays.

Back in October 2021 analyst suggested the larger iPhone SE was supposed to be released sometime in 2024. Yang revised this forecast again in January 2022, this time claims release in 2023 or 2024along with other key details on what to expect – more on that in a moment.

If that’s too far, see where to buy the iPhone SE 3.

How much will the iPhone SE 4 cost?

The iPhone SE is designed to be Apple’s budget and affordable iPhone, so while the price may be slightly different from the current iPhone SE (as is the case with the iPhone SE 2), we can’t imagine the price going up too much, if at all.

That being said, we fully expect the iPhone SE 4 to cost roughly the same as the iPhone SE 3 despite rumors of display and design improvements. For reference, here’s how much the current iPhone SE lineup costs:

  • 64GB: £419 / $429
  • 128GB: £469 / $479
  • 256GB: £569 / $579

What to expect from the iPhone SE 4

Even though the release of the next iPhone SE is potentially still two years away, the online rumors are giving us an idea of ​​what to expect – and if true, it will be the most exciting iPhone SE update in years.

Updated design

The loudest rumors on the net suggest that the next iPhone SE may finally move to a full-screen display, with Apple choosing between 5.7 and 6.1 inches, according to display analyst Ross Young in his review. October 2021 tweet anyway.

The analyst then continued his prediction in early 2022assuming the 5.7″ display option was locked.

Considering the fact that Apple tends to use older iPhone skins — for example, the iPhone SE 3 is based on the design of the 4.7-inch iPhone 8 — this suggests that the next iPhone SE could have the same chassis as the 5.7. inch iPhone X, complete with full-screen display and all the other benefits of Apple’s full-screen display.

The update will be a significant step forward for Apple’s budget iPhone lineup, especially since most of the complaints about the 2022 iPhone SE are due to its outdated design. We’ll keep an eye out for other rumors confirming or denying this and will update this section as soon as we know more.

Face ID

If Apple really intends to use the iPhone X case for the next iPhone SE, that would mean the budget phone is finally ditching the Touch ID-enabled home button in favor of a full-screen display with Face ID.

The question is, which notch will the iPhone SE get? While logic dictates it will have a large notch associated with the iPhone X like the rest of the case, the iPhone 13 lineup has a smaller Face ID notch to consider.

Additionally, there are rumors of a notch in the upcoming iPhone 14 Pro lineup that will replace the notch with something cleaner. While this seems the least likely, it’s worth noting that analyst Ross Young bluntly said that the 6.1-inch iPhone SE will have a “hole punch, not a notch.”

Updated chipset

It’s no surprise that the next iPhone SE will have an upgraded chipset, but what will it offer?

In recent years, the iPhone SE has held its own against the flagship iPhone lineup in terms of processing power. This is one of the biggest advantages Apple’s budget iPhone has over its Android rivals, and we can’t imagine this changing anytime soon.

So if the iPhone SE is released in late 2023 or early 2024, it could be powered by the as-yet-unannounced A17 Bionic, which is expected to be the chipset in the 2023 iPhone lineup, albeit likely with less RAM.

Ming-Chi Kuo suggests this will continue to be the case, although he predicts it will increase to 4GB, up 25% from the current model’s 3GB.

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