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iPhone SE 3: Everything You Need To Know About The Next Cheap iPhone

IN IPhone SE 2020 offered incredible launch value. Packaging of the same Apple A13 chip as iPhone 11… In terms of sheer speed, this is a phone that still empowers the best Android phones to perform for their money a year after release. So what could Apple have up its sleeve with the iPhone SE 3?

While all eyes are on the upcoming iPhone 13, it’s safe to assume Apple’s iOS flagship phones will cost around £ 700 and easily hit four figures for the Pro models. Those on a tight budget will tend to stick with the iPhone SE 3 – if they wait too long.

Good news! While the gap between the original iPhone SE and the 2020 version was a painful four years, thankfully, it looks like Apple won’t keep us waiting this time. Here’s everything you need to know about the iPhone SE 3.

According to sources in the Apple supply chain, DigitimesThe iPhone SE 3 will go on sale in the first half of 2022, which will cut the time between SE models from four years to two.

Obviously, a fairly broad six-month window remains, but we can probably narrow it down by looking at the release dates of the previous two models. The original iPhone SE arrived on March 31, 2016, and the second generation arrived on April 24, 2020.

While it is difficult to draw firm conclusions from such a small sample size, then a Spring release date seems likely. However, there is always a chance Apple will hold back until its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), which is usually held in June.

The original iPhone SE has been billed as “the most powerful four-inch phone ever,” and while it has increased in size, it doesn’t seem like Apple is going to diminish its core power.

According to Nikkei Asia’s According to sources, the iPhone SE 3 will feature the same A15 Bionic chip found in the iPhone 13 family phones. Considering the current A14 SoC in the iPhone 12 and iPad Air is about as fast as mobile chips, it’s safe to assume that the iPhone SE 3 will be the fastest phone in its price range – unless Apple increases the price significantly.

Of course, Apple has to save somewhere, and it looks like the phone won’t update to Face ID this time around. Expect the Home button and Touch ID to remain for the time being, and most likely the device will also retain the same 4.7-inch LCD screen – it won’t be OLED like its more expensive siblings.

The fact that the iPhone SE 3 will reportedly retain the same 4.7-inch LCD screen and Touch ID Home button suggests that the phone will look virtually unchanged from the current generation, which uses a very similar shell. on the 2017 iPhone 8.

That means relatively thick bezels on the side and even thicker stripes at the top and bottom for the front-facing camera and home button. A somewhat dated look of the 2022 smartphone, but ultimately the price can help keep overall costs down.

There are still many gaps in what we know about the iPhone SE 3. Nothing has been said yet about the camera array, for example, which is an area that can certainly be done with the upgrade, as the photo seems a little lackluster compared to the mid-range competitors. level such as the Google Pixel 4a.

But even if the iPhone SE 3 simply offers the same capabilities as the current generation, with a faster processor, it still provides a way to get a fast new iPhone at a relatively low price. And that will probably be more than enough to see him fly off the shelves.

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