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iPhone Fold: Apple is testing prototypes, but has foldable caveats – leaker

Ever since Samsung announced that its foldable phones are actually doing really well, the iPhone Fold prospect has garnered a lot of attention.

Given that Samsung has hinted that devices like the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3 are actually converting users, will there be a response from Apple in the short to medium term?

One leader says Apple is experimenting with “many prototypes,” but still doubts whether the form factor can provide an improvement over the current all-in-one iPhone.

V series of tweets (via MacRumorsLeader @dylandkt said Apple is not ready to release multiple generations of an imperfect product, which Samsung may have fallen victim to due to Galaxy Fold teething issues.

He wrote: “For those interested in a foldable iPhone, Apple is definitely working and testing several prototypes with foldable displays. However, there are still too many trade-offs with foldable display technology.

“There are also concerns about whether foldable smartphones will retain their place in the market or become obsolete. Therefore, Apple intends to closely monitor the market and correct the mistakes of its competitors.

“While other manufacturers are working on products that appear to be in beta testing, Apple is trying to make sure the design does not deviate from the current iPhone form factor. They are interested in playing the long game to see how technology evolves. “

If this version of Apple’s strategy is correct, it looks like Apple is willing to wait and not release compromised hardware that doesn’t meet its current standards. Recent rumors suggest the iPhone Fold will not arrive until 2023 at the earliest. Renowned analyst Ming-Chi Kuo thinks it will be 2024.

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