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iPhone and iPad users to see more ads soon, ad-supported Maps app reportedly being tested

According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, iPhone users may soon be getting more ads in Apple’s own apps. The Cupertino giant is reportedly planning to expand its revenue model by showing ads to iPhone users in the Maps, Books, and Podcasts apps. In fact, Gurman says that the model that displays search-based recommendations has already been tested for the Maps app. iPhone users are currently being served ads on the App Store, News and Stocks apps, and on the TV+ platform for Friday Night Baseball as part of a deal with Major League Baseball.

In accordance with weekly newsletter The expansion of the advertising business could encourage Apple to place ads on apps like Maps, Gurman said. Gurman also says the company has already explored adding search ads to Apple Maps. Other apps that may receive ads are books and podcasts.

Gurman also gives insight into how these placements might work. In the case of Maps, “a Japanese restaurant could pay money to be at the top of local listings when users searched for ‘sushi’,” says Gurman. Similarly, publishers can pay for ads to show up higher in search results, podcast subscriptions can be linked to ads, and ad-supported TV+ can offer older shows at a lower price and also promote paid offerings.

Apple currently displays ads in the App Store and the News & Stocks apps for iPhone, iPad, and Mac. In the App Store, ads currently appear in the search tab of the Suggested panel. Gurman claims that Apple will soon expand ads on the main Today tab and third-party app download pages. The News and Stocks apps display banner ads similar to website banner ads.

It should be noted that Apple currently has an Application Tracking Transparency (ATT) framework that is claimed to enhance user privacy by restricting third-party apps from collecting data if the user chooses to do so. However, Apple displays ads in native apps, using data from its services and Apple account to decide which ads to show. The company says its own apps are not within the scope of ATT because the system “does not follow you on apps and websites owned by other companies.”

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