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iPhone 15 Pro will get Face ID under the display

iPhone 15 Pro According to a new report, a Face ID system could be installed under the display.

South Korean site Elek reports that Samsung Display is preparing to bring advanced under-display camera technology to Apple’s flagship phone in late 2023.

Interestingly, the report claims that Samsung will bring this feature to its own line of foldable phones first. This probably means that the technology is used in the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5.

Apparently, Samsung has partnered with Canada’s OTI Lumionics to produce an OLED display system that lets ambient light through.

It’s worth emphasizing that this won’t do away with the notch entirely. Rather, it will mean that the display of the iPhone 15 Pro will be very similar to the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra or Xiaomi 12 with a punch-hole center selfie camera.

Ever since the iPhone X in 2017, Apple smartphones have been known for their prominent display notches. The notch has never been a perfect solution, but we grudgingly accepted its presence thanks to the peerless Face ID facial recognition system it provides.

Late last year, Apple finally started to roll back from the notch with the release of the iPhone 13 line, which saw the notch size reduced by 20%.

Prior to that, in July last year, Apple received a patent for the under-screen Face ID system and selfie system. More recently, there have been rumors that this year the iPhone 14 Pro will replace the solid strip with a pill-shaped face ID system and a punch-hole selfie camera.

In January, an Apple analyst even suggested that the iPhone 14 Pro would get an under-display face identification system. They may have rushed it by the year.

Apple clearly intended to remove this famous notch for a while.

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