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iPhone 14 vs Pixel 6: Apple or Android?

During the Far Out event, Apple released four new iPhones, but how does the vanilla model compare to Google’s Pixel 6 decision?

Four new phones were announced at the Far Out event, including the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

The company didn’t stop there either, with the introduction of three new Apple Watches – Apple Watch Series 8, Apple Watch Ultra, and Apple Watch SE 2.

But with the announcement of the new iPhone series, it’s worth wondering if these phones are worth an upgrade or better than some of the other phones on the market.

Read on to learn about the significant differences between the new iPhone 14 and the Google Pixel 6.

iPhone supports satellite communications.

This year, Apple has paid a lot of attention to the safety features of its new products, adding collision detection and emergency SOS to the iPhone 14.

Even when users cannot connect to a cellular or Wi-Fi network, they can use satellite frequencies to send messages to emergency services and share their location via Find My, which can be critical in various difficult situations.

This service is currently only available in Canada and America and is only free for the first two years after purchase, however such features are not currently supported on the Google Pixel 6.

Specification iPhone 14

Google Pixel 6 has a physical SIM tray

It has been revealed that the iPhone 14 will no longer have a physical SIM tray as the company pushes customers towards using the new eSIM feature. Currently, only iPhones sold in the Americas will ship without a SIM tray, although it is believed that this feature will become common in other regions at some point.

If you rely on a physical SIM or your carrier doesn’t support eSIM technology, the Pixel 6 will probably be more attractive, unless you want to buy an iPhone outside of America.

The Pixel 6 has a higher refresh rate.

The vanilla iPhone 14 doesn’t come with ProMotion, instead sticking to the same refresh rate as the iPhone 13 at 60Hz.

The Pixel 6 does get ahead of Apple in this region, as Google’s phone can switch between 60Hz and 90Hz, which our review claims feels smooth and fast to use, if not a little twitchy in some use cases.

Pixel 6

The iPhone 14 has a crash detection feature.

As we mentioned earlier, the iPhone 14 will bring several new security features, the second of which is car accident detection.

This feature can automatically detect if you are in a car accident and can contact the emergency services in your area, and notify your emergency contacts, if you have them, with your location if you do not dismiss the notification within ten seconds.

Because car collision detection required two new motion sensors, combined with an improved sensor fusion algorithm, it looks like Google won’t be able to bring the feature to the Pixel 6, although we may see it coming to the next Pixel phone.

Comparison of iPhone 14 and Pixel 6 specs





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Wireless charger

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