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iPhone 14 Series features upgraded HDR gyroscope and 256G accelerometer for crash detection

Revealed Wednesday at Apple’s “Far Out” event, the iPhone 14 series was highlighted as having several vital features, including the much-discussed emergency satellite services. Another such feature that has seemingly gone unnoticed is the new collision detection system. In addition, all models of the iPhone 14 series are equipped with upgraded components such as a high dynamic range (HDR) gyroscope and a new accelerometer with high acceleration force. Apple said it used public crash data and real driving data to make this new feature work as accurately as possible.

iPhone 14 series including standard iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, listed will come with a new high g-force accelerometer that is said to be capable of measuring acceleration and deceleration up to 256G.

An HDR-equipped gyroscope can detect “abrupt changes in vehicle orientation.” In addition, the barometer on the iPhone 14 series is programmed to detect changes in pressure that may have been caused by airbags.

Apple claims that while driving, the microphone of the new iPhone 14 series monitors sound levels to detect extreme sounds that typically occur in collisions. The Cupertino-based company has assured users that all audio detection processing is done on the iPhone to protect user privacy.

To ensure collision detection works accurately, Apple “developed advanced motion algorithms by conducting crash tests for frontal impact, rear impact, side impact, and rollover.” He also used publicly available crash data. In total, this feature uses over 1 million hours of real driving data.

All of these new algorithms and phone components help iPhone 14 series phones detect serious car accidents. It then automatically contacts emergency services and your emergency contacts.

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