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iPhone 14 Satellite Connectivity Feature Could Launch Outside the US and Canada This Year: Report

According to the report, the iPhone 14 series’ satellite communications feature, which allows you to send an emergency message when you don’t have a cellular network, may arrive in countries other than Canada and the United States. The feature should roll out to these countries in November, Apple announced at the Far Out event, which debuted the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max. The feature is free for the first two years.

According to report From macprime, a limited form of satellite connectivity for the iPhone 14 models, which once rolled out in November will allow users to send an SOS message when they don’t have cellular service, could be rolled out in other countries. However, there is no information yet on which countries will receive this feature. This is one of the five features we consider great when it comes to saving precious human lives.

Satellite connection iPhone 14

If you get lost in the woods or have an injury that leaves you unable to move, you could theoretically use your iPhone 14 to send an SOS message via satellite, and this could help you in your rescue. “Satellites are moving targets with low bandwidth. Message delivery may take several minutes. Because every second counts, iPhone preloads a few questions to assess your situation – just tap to answer. It then shows you where to point to connect to the satellite.” – Apple explains.

To send an SOS message, the sender must be outside with a good view of the sky. Because satellites move quickly through space, the iPhone 14 will help the sender indicate where to point it to keep in touch and avoid obstacles like mountains and dense foliage. Apple claims that under ideal conditions, a message can be sent in less than 15 seconds. Under light foliage, this may take more than a minute. Once connected, iPhone 14 will automatically send your responses, location, medical ID (if configured), and battery level to the dispatcher.

While researching and writing this feature earlier, we spoke with Tarun Pathak of Counterpoint Research. He explained that the feature would be useful from a user’s point of view, “especially in India where it could make a big difference.” He rightly points out that while this feature is great, there are operational issues that need to be addressed. “Which [happens] after the SOS message is done? Do we have the same fast response team as other countries?” Pathak told Gadgets 360, explaining the feasibility of this feature in India.

Apple has partnered with Globalstar to support this emergency feature on the new iPhone 14 series. The Cupertino-based company said it will commit $450 million (roughly Rs. 4,000 crore) from its advanced manufacturing fund to support this new feature.

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