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iPhone 14 Pro Models Will Get 8GB of RAM Like Competing Samsung Galaxy S22 Models

The iPhone 14 Pro – Apple’s expected successor to its flagship smartphone iPhone 13 Pro – can be equipped with up to 8GB of RAM, according to a new report. The company’s high-end smartphones are expected to have the same amount of RAM as the recently launched Samsung Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22+ smartphones, as well as other mid-range Android smartphones. The iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro currently offer 6GB of RAM. Apple has yet to reveal any information, including specs, about the rumored iPhone 14 series.

According to mail user yeux1122 on Naver’s blog (in Korean), the Cupertino company’s iPhone 14 Pro models are rumored to feature 8GB of RAM, more than its predecessors the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max, as well as the iPhone 12 Pro. and iPhone 12 Pro Max, which were released in 2020. The components have already been confirmed by participating companies, according to a report citing a source in the domestic supply chain.

According to the blog post, Apple is also accelerating the iPhone 14 Pro mass production schedule due to tighter supply chain management of key components due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. A Bloomberg report in December showed that Apple has informed component suppliers about easing demand for the iPhone 13 lineup. According to the report, Apple had previously cut annual production of the iPhone 13 by 10 million units.

The company is already offering a 16GB RAM option for its April 2021 11-inch iPad Pro (2021) model, and rumored 8GB RAM for the iPhone 14 Pro will put the smartphone on par with the Samsung Galaxy S22 and Samsung Galaxy. S22. Galaxy S22+ smartphones released on February 9th. Unlike the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, which offers a 12GB RAM option, the Samsung Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22+ phones offer 8GB of storage with 128GB and 256GB storage options. As mentioned earlier, Apple has yet to officially reveal any details regarding the rumored iPhone 14 Pro smartphones.

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