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iPhone 12 has never been more enticing with a price drop like this

You can get a refurbished iPhone 12 for £60 less than usual on this great eBay deal, and it’s in great condition too.

You can now get an iPhone 12 for just £439.99 thanks to this eBay deal. The device has been used but has been refurbished and is classified as excellent condition, so it should look almost like new. This is a great price for a 2020 Apple smartphone.

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This iPhone 12 deal was chosen because it makes a great phone very affordable, so you stand a great chance of getting your hands on it.

Get a refurbished iPhone 12 for just £439.99.

A refurbished iPhone 12 in mint condition can be yours for just £439.99 this Black Friday. Virtually indistinguishable from brand new, it’s still an exceptional phone and really a very tempting prospect if you’re looking for an upgrade on the cheap.

  • eBay
  • Was £499.99
  • Now £439.99

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We highly recommended the iPhone 12 when it came out due to its fantastic design, stylish and durable, and great camera performance. We found the photography to be always very reliable, no matter the surrounding lighting conditions, and versatile enough (with an ultra-wide lens) to let you try out new perspectives.

On top of that, the performance was brilliant at the time of release and it will likely still hold up well against the competition. The battery is good, but not as exceptional as later generations, and the screen technology has also been left behind by successors who have increased refresh rates.

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