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iPadOS 15.5 update could stop iPad mini 6 from charging – Apple investigates

A software update appears to be preventing Apple’s newest tablet from charging properly, and the company is looking into the issue.

Software updates are supposed to improve the user experience and make our lives a little easier with regards to our technology devices; but sometimes things can go wrong and do the exact opposite, and some user reports seemed to indicate that this happened with the iPadOS 15.5 update on the iPad mini 6.

According to an investigation carried out MacRumorsApple has sent an internal memorandum to authorized service providers acknowledging that some users believe that the iPad mini 6 cannot be charged after the latest software update. The source notes that Apple is advising these service providers and retail staff to reset the device as a temporary workaround while the manufacturer continues to figure out what went wrong.

Reported by an unknown number of users, the charging issue is a potentially serious issue that unfortunately detracts from the superiority of the iPad mini 6, which we awarded 4 out of 5 stars in our review and called “the world’s best small tablet.” “. Particularly impressed with the sleek design, ultra-high performance, and support for both 5G connectivity and the Apple Pencil, we found it to be a fantastic device that’s hard to miss when you’re looking for a lightweight, portable device for work and play.

In the same memo, Apple apparently acknowledged that the problem was not hardware related, but software related, and so we hope a quick fix can fix the problem permanently.

Also expected this year is a major operating system update for all compatible iPads; iPadOS 16 is due for release in September and brings new features and updates, including updates to the Messages app, native Weather app (finally), Metal 3 support for game scaling, and a new Freeform multi-user collaboration app . people on the project. We are currently in public beta and we certainly hope that any potential issues will be fully ironed out before this new iteration of the operating system is rolled out.

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