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iPad Air 2022 will not receive an upgrade with a large screen

Previous rumors have suggested that the next iteration of the iPad Air will see significant improvements in the display technology used.

These rumors suggested the next-generation iPad Air would move from LCD to brighter OLED panels – the same type of display that Apple uses in its iPhone 13 line of devices.

However, it looks like this may no longer be the case, as the latest chatter around the tablet will likely come out sometime in 2022, indicating continued use of the LCD.

This was announced by Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo (via MacRumors), which is usually a pretty reliable source when it comes to Apple’s future plans. There is no definite reason for this change, although Kuo speculates it could be due to the OLED iPad Air being too similar to the more expensive Pro range.

Moving to OLED will likely give the iPad Air a brighter display, with better contrast and ideal black levels. It would also be much better for HDR content and make the tablet even better for media consumption.

Apple currently uses OLED panels in its iPhone lineup (besides the iPhone SE) and Apple Watch.

The company also introduced new mini LED technology this year for the high-end 12.9-inch iPad Pro, which brings some of the benefits of OLED to LED panels.

We were thoroughly impressed with the Pro’s 12.9-inch display when we reviewed the tablet earlier this year, but it clearly adds a lot to the price of the device.

Kuo also states in his note that the 11-inch version of the iPad Pro will be in the spotlight in 2022, with the smaller model getting this superb mini-LED technology just like its bigger brother.

We expect the next version of the iPad Air to also inherit some of the new features introduced in the most recent iPad models, including the Center Stage front camera. The iPad Air is now the only tablet from Apple that doesn’t support this feature, which accompanies you in video chats and generally improves the front camera.

The iPad Air also lacks 5G support, which we expect to add in the next model.

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