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iOS 16 will enable Walkie-Talkie capabilities, eSIM transfer via Bluetooth: reports

iOS 16 was announced earlier this week, and it certainly has a lot more to offer than what was announced at WWDC 2022. Two reports suggested that Apple’s upcoming iPhone OS will have several new APIs, including including one that provides walkie-talkie capabilities to third-party applications. The feature, how it works, and how developers can implement it in their apps, was reportedly showcased in a session at WWDC 2022. iOS 16 will also have another feature that will allow users to transfer eSIM connections between iPhones via Bluetooth.

The development of the capabilities of the walkie-talkie comes from report by 9to5mac which says the API is called “Push to Talk”. Simply put, the API allows developers to add a walkie-talkie to their iOS apps. This allows audio messages to be sent and played in real time with the touch of a button, even when an application with this capability is running in the background.

According to the report, users will be able to see “the conversation at the top of the screen” and the app icon as well as the name of the chatting person will be displayed at the top. It will also allow you to reply in real time with sound or leave the conversation. Push to Talk reportedly works for both individual and group conversations. It should be noted that Apple already has a walkie-talkie app that comes preinstalled with watchOS 5.

second development comes from MacRumours, which reveals that iOS will allow eSIMs to be transferred between iPhones via Bluetooth. This feature can be accessed from Settings app on an iPhone running iOS 16. Go to Settings > Set up eSIM and it will show the option to transfer the eSIM and its associated phone number from another iPhone via Bluetooth. For this to work, another iPhone must be nearby, unlocked, have Bluetooth turned on, and be running iOS 16 or later, according to Apple. This feature appears to be available in many countries, however it requires carriers to support it.

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