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iOS 15.6 Beta Gives Developers Final Taste of iOS 15 Before iOS 16

Apple has released a developer beta of iOS 15.6 in what could very well be the final iteration of iOS 15.

WWDC 2022 will take place on June 6, which is where Apple is sure to announce iOS 16. Until then, however, we have the final version of iOS 15 to explore.

It’s not yet known what changes and tweaks iOS 15.6 (build number 19G5027e, in case you’re wondering) includes, beyond the usual “bug fixes and improvements.” The mystery deepens when you consider that Apple has now delivered everything it promised through iOS 15 and its updates.

This initial iOS 15.6 beta is very similar to the final iOS 15.5 released earlier this week. It brought with it a small list of 30 security fixes, Wallet and Apple Cash improvements, a new Apple Podcasts feature, and a fix for a home automation issue.

As for iOS 16, rumors suggest that it will bring a welcome overhaul of notifications as well as a new multitasking system for iPadOS. A recent preview from Apple revealed that iOS 16 will introduce new accessibility features such as a door detection mode for blind and visually impaired iPhone owners. The Apple Watch mirroring feature will allow you to control your smartwatch from your iPhone.

Live Captions for FaceTime calls and third-party streaming services will also be part of the iOS 16 package.

Given the close proximity of iOS 16 and what Apple is already eager to reveal about its new features, we don’t expect any major new additions to iOS 15.6. This is most likely an update based on security and bug fixes.

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