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iOS 15.2 will tell you if your iPhone has been refurbished with tricky parts.

With Apple loosening its rules over who can repair iPhones, the company is also committed to getting consumers wide-eyed for third-party repairs.

A new feature, launching in iOS 15.2, will let users know if their precious smartphone is equipped with unofficial parts and components.

As first noted GizmodoThe latest iOS 15.2 beta includes a new Parts and Service History section under Settings> General> About on iPhone.

This will give users a snapshot of the work being done on their phone and whether the new battery, camera, or display was a “genuine Apple part.”

If this component is not a genuine product, users may see the “Unknown Part” if it was made by a third party or has already been installed on another iPhone. This will likely undermine the scammers’ attempts to trick unsuspecting iPhone owners with clever repairs.

The feature will depend on which iPhone you’re using, according to the report. For example, if you have an iPhone SE, you can only see if the battery has been replaced, whereas the iPhone 12 or iPhone 13 models will show if the battery, display, or camera has been replaced.

Whether or not the part is genuine will not affect your ability to fully use your phone. This is a bonus because in the past, the company was not above this behavior. iFixit recently discovered that replacing a third-party screen breaks Face ID functionality because the repairer must pass the control chip completely or completely lose Face ID functionality.

Because this method required some proprietary Apple software, it became the domain of only authorized service providers and provided small, independent businesses with the ability to efficiently perform repairs. Apple has since changed the matter, again allowing third parties to replace iPhone screens without compromising biometric security technology.

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