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iOS 15.1 leads to interface freezing for some iPhone users, has 2 zero-day vulnerabilities

According to the report, iOS 15.1 is causing issues, including freezing user interface and unstable battery life for some iPhone users. An iOS update was released last week to address some issues with earlier versions of iOS. He also introduced features including support for SharePlay. In addition to the problems some users are facing, a security researcher stated that the iOS 15.1 update includes two unprotected zero-day vulnerabilities, despite the fact that a few months ago Apple reported their existence.

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes of ZDNet reports that a number of users who have updated their iPhone to iOS 15.1 are experiencing issues including UI freezes, lag in some areas and very variable battery life. The iOS update is also said to be annoying when working with Bluetooth headsets, including AirPods Pro.

The author also notes that the “Unlock with Apple Watch” feature, which Apple fixed in iOS 15.0.1, is still unpleasant because it unlocks the iPhone when you look at the screen without a mask. This differs from the original purpose of the feature, which essentially was to allow users to unlock their iPhone with their Apple Watch while wearing a face mask.

In some cases, Kingsley-Hughes also noticed that the iPhone in his pocket was automatically unlocked through the Apple Watch.

In addition to the issues raised by Kingsley-Hughes, security researcher Denis Tokarev tweeted claim that iOS 15.1 contains two unsecured zero-day vulnerabilities. Apple has been aware of these security issues for over seven months, the researcher said.

Both serious vulnerabilities allow applications, including Facebook and TikTok, to track and profile users, and access sensitive user data without obtaining any explicit consent from users.

Tokarev publicly revealed flaws in a detailed blog post in September without receiving an official response from Apple. However, last month he apparently received company commitment to fix last month’s problems. However, Apple has yet to fix the discovered flaws.

Interestingly, iOS 15.1 was the third iOS update and the ninth release in a series since a researcher first informed Apple of the existence of security issues in March, as reported by Forbes.

While Apple did not work on the issues reported by Tokarev, it did fix several security loopholes in iOS 15.1, which was released alongside iPadOS 15.1. Fixed issues: detailed on the security page.

Gadgets 360 reached out to Apple for comment on bugs affecting iPhone users and security issues in iOS 15.1. This article will be updated when the company responds.

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