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In a year’s time, Apple technology has helped educators and students stay connected


Over the past year, as bedrooms and kitchens have become classrooms, teachers and students around the world have adapted their lives to distance learning. Educators have faced this challenge head-on, using Apple technology to help their students learn, connect, and thrive in new ways. From the launch of a high school online musical, to exploring history with iMovie and GarageBand, to producing a virtual graduation ceremony, educators in the United States and beyond have created innovative ways of teaching that they will be carried forward by future generations of students.

On April 30, 2021, New Rochelle High School in New Rochelle, New York, presented its production of the musical “Is There Life After High School?” But instead of playing in a packed house in the school auditorium, the show transmitted online.

After the 2020 musical was canceled due to COVID-19, drama and film teacher Anthony Stirpe decided he wanted to make sure the school’s students were able to do a show this year. He reinvented every aspect of production, using iPhone, iPad and Mac to shoot and edit cartoons and songs remotely, and, when in person, socially remotely.

“The musical is based around the idea of ​​adults looking back at high school and remembering the child in all of us,” says Stirpe. “A lot of the material is about losing or regretting, or overcoming something, and I wanted students to see that, yes, this is a difficult time, but we all deal with difficult moments in our own special way. And one day, you will tell this story as if you were telling the stories of these people. ”


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