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iMessage on iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 models reportedly hacked by Pegasus spyware Apple responds to attack


Pegasus spyware from Israel’s NSO Group has also reportedly affected iPhone users. Evidence has recently been uncovered that military-grade malware is being used to spy on journalists, human rights defenders and political dissidents. New forensic analysis finds evidence that NSO Group spyware has infected new iPhones, particularly the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12, through zero-click iMessage attacks. Amnesty International and Forbidden Stories claim thousands of iPhones have been potentially compromised by NSO spyware.

The Pegasus Project is an ongoing investigation by Forbidden Stories, a Paris-based journalistic non-profit organization and other media partners, that conducts forensic tests to find spyware traces on 50,000 phone numbers of potential surveillance targets. The latest investigation revealed that zero-click iMessage attacks were used to install spyware on iPhones. Amnesty International says it was able to confirm that thousands of iPhones were identified as potential targets for Pegasus spyware, although it was unable to confirm how many were successfully jailbroken.

In the last reportAmnesty Tech Associate Director Dunna Ingleton says: “Our forensic analysis has uncovered overwhelming evidence that NSO spyware successfully infected iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 models using iMessage attacks. These attacks put activists, journalists and politicians around the world at risk of their whereabouts and their personal information being tracked and their personal information being used against them. It’s a global problem – everyone is at risk, and even tech giants like Apple are ill-equipped to handle the sheer scale of surveillance. ”

Apple’s head of development and security architecture, Ivan Krstic, said in a statement that these attacks are very complex, cost millions, and only target specific people. Apple is working to introduce new protections to improve the security of iPhones. “Apple unreservedly condemns cyberattacks against journalists, human rights defenders and others working to make the world a better place. For over a decade, Apple has led the industry in security innovation, and as a result, security researchers agree that the iPhone is the safest and most secure consumer mobile device on the market. Attacks like these are very sophisticated, cost millions of dollars to develop, often have a short shelf life, and are used to target specific individuals. While this means they do not pose a threat to the vast majority of our users, we continue to work tirelessly to protect all of our customers and we are constantly adding new protections to their devices and data, ”said Krstic.


This military-grade spyware used for high-tech spying on NSO clientele is touted as a human rights violation. Although the NSO Group denies all allegations, critics call the allegations dishonest and argue that spyware is now used only for crime fighting, but also for surveillance. It is not clear who authenticated this kind of verification, but given that even iPhones with the latest security have not been spared, it speaks volumes in favor of targeted surveillance.

Amnesty claims that NSO spyware is systematically used for repression and other human rights violations, and simply to fight crime. In particular, he urges the NSO Group to immediately stop selling its equipment to governments with a history of human rights violations, and asks governments around the world to impose a global moratorium on the export, sale and use of surveillance equipment until regulations are enacted. appropriate to human rights. the frames are in place.

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