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I was expecting too much from iPadOS 15


Somewhere in my head, I had hoped that this would be the week that the iPad Pro would change forever.

I don’t think I’ve ever really believed that Apple will completely change the way the high-end tablet works, but I hope it does. I went in WWDC 2021 with a dream that the iPad will become better than the Mac and that he could say goodbye to the laptop forever.

This of course has not happened.

Scroll through technology-based forums or comment below iPad 15 video on YouTube and the general sense is clear. People were expecting a lot, and what had actually been announced was not really what many wanted.

Many things seem to derive from the latter iPad Pro 2021 have a chip – u Apple M1, is the same as the chip you will find in the new color iMac, u MacBook Air and the Mac Mini.

I don’t see the appeal of having MacOS Monterey running on an iPad personally, even if it has the power to do it. It’s a desktop operating system, not one built for touch and one that would feel almost archaic compared to iPadOS on a tablet. I’ve been trying to use Windows on touch devices – and it’s mostly awful.

iPad 15

But what I wanted from iPadOS 15 was a little more freedom. The freedom to put that M1 and all that RAM (up to 16 GB in the higher storage models of the iPad Pro 2021) for proper use and the freedom to, just maybe, use some apps that are more than just versions for iPad. The full version of Lightroom works on a Mac M1, but on the iPad it’s not that full version.

This is the iPad “Pro” after all. and with the 12.9-inch model starting at £ 999 it’s not really a mainstream product aimed at those who use a tablet for a bit of web browsing or watching Netflix.

However what iPadOS 15 added were smaller modifications – some very welcome, but not many that feel new and nothing that really makes you decide against just getting the iPad Air 4 instead of paying more.

Updated multitasking, for example, is much the same as just being more intuitive to use. You are still limited to two main applications open at the same time and the applications themselves cannot be refined. Other parts are still difficult to master, such as the new Scaffale element.

The rest of the iPadOS 15 is built with features we had in the iPhone updates last year. The App Library is welcome and seems to work very well on the iPad and being able to freely move widgets on the home screen is great.

For me, there are always gaps in the iPad software that aren’t necessarily related to power. I did written earlier about how strange it is users can’t have multiple profiles on a single tablet and can’t understand why they remain absent. The iPad, unlike a phone, is much more of a common device than a personal one and is something that just needs to be added.

iPadOS remains the best tablet OS with the best tablet apps and the best hardware

A better lighting system and proper external display support are a couple of others, although they are much more niche.

But iPadOS remains the best tablet OS with the best tablet apps and the best hardware. Yes, there are features that could be added to make it even better – but for most people, it offers the simplicity that is often lost with laptops and is a good thing.

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