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I want the new iPad Mini 6 to make small tablets popular again

OPINION: Apple just announced the new iPad Mini 6 and I think this is one of the most exciting products from the company in a long time.

A new iPhone is always big news, but I can’t help but feel more excited that one of my favorite Apple devices will get a much needed second chance.

Rumors of a redesigned, possibly iPad Pro-inspired update to the iPad Mini have been circulating for two years now, and Apple finally has such a device.

Has a modern design. the same bezel from the excellent iPad Air and support for new accessories found on more expensive tablets.

Render iPad Mini 6

The iPad Mini was the first tablet I ever bought and it still brings up very fond memories. The size was perfect, the build was great, and it fit easily into even the smallest bag. I have great memories of other small tablets of the time, such as the Nexus 7, for the same reasons.

It’s fair to say that iPad Mini and smaller tablets in general fell into disrepair as phones got bigger. The iPad Mini never received a proper redesign, and the last update that happened in 2019 was just a bump from the processor. At the time, I loved the iPad Mini 5, but even then it needed upgrading and it’s hard to recommend it to anyone now.

iPad Mini 5

The new iPad Mini 6 should truly give fans of smaller tablets. new a device to have fun and one that feels like a “professional” device. I’d even like to think that if it proves to be popular, we might see Android manufacturers like Samsung give the smaller tablet form factor another chance. A tablet with characteristics similar to the excellent Galaxy Tab S7 Plus, but with a screen size of 9 inches, could very well be the best laptop.

I often hear the argument that with phones that are now much larger, the smaller tablet is dead. It just doesn’t make sense to me, as even with 6.7-inch displays on the largest iPhone, the actual screen size can’t match the iPad Mini. I couldn’t even start reading books or magazines on the iPhone screen, but they fit perfectly on the more square iPad canvas. It’s the same with games – I just prefer the iPad display over the iPhone.

But I just can’t help but admire the truly powerful miniature iPad, and I really hope Apple delivers it. It will be the icing on the cake if we see Android competition.

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