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I hope the OnePlus Oppo deal gives us a great camera (finally)

Has been announced this week that OnePlus, the smartphone brand famous for its Never Settle approach, would be further merged with its sister brand Oppo.

This feels like a huge move and one that has been on the cards for a while now that OnePlus has recently started using Oppo’s ColorOS software, rather than its own OxygenOS, on new phones in China.

In a post on u Outside OnePlus, CEO Pete Lau said that this was a “turning point for the future of OnePlus” and that “this change will be positive for our community and our users. With this deeper integration with Oppo, we will have more resources to hand in hand to create even better products for you. ”

This last line really got me thinking, could this merger finally solve the only glaring problem I’ve had with almost every OnePlus phone I’ve reviewed including the OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro?

It has always been the camera that left the flagships of OnePlus. OnePlus has tried to fix this this year and there have been improvements along the way, but the devices ’photography skills haven’t always been at the best camera phones you can buy.

The biggest step in the right direction has been with the OnePlus 9 Pro. For this, OnePlus in collaboration with the Hasselblad camera icon and focused on color matching and ultra-wide lens enhancement. It worked, up to a point, but it wasn’t even enough up there with the best.

Everything could change with this Oppo integration though and this feels like the best chance even to get a real high-end camera experience on a OnePlus phone. You see, Oppo makes a great camera system in his phones.

U Find X2 Pro was up there with the best in 2020 and the Find X3 Pro it’s easily one of my favorite phones to shoot right now, competing impressively with the Galaxy S21 Ultra and u iPhone 12 Pro. If this merger means a portion of that camera know-how that is injected into future OnePlus phones then it seems like a good partnership.

The Oppo FInd X3 Pro has a large camera

Of course, with something similar, there may be problems and it’s not really clear at this stage what that means for future OnePlus phones. Our critic has not been too impressed by the recent CE North and these cheaper OnePlus phones are certainly losing some of the brand’s DNA with the removal of things like the alert slider.

The Android Authority has too reported that future OnePlus phones will still run OxygenOS, giving them a point of differentiation from Oppo phones that run ColorOS. These may be both versions of Android, but they are very different visually.

But the fact is that Oppo makes some of the best phones out there and if this partnership gives OnePlus the ability to make even better devices then it would be a win for everyone.

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