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Huawei has just announced the P50 – but there’s no release date yet


Huawei has officially announced its HarmonyOS 2 software as well alongside the MatePad Pro and Huawei Watch 3, we also have a first look at the upcoming Huawei P50 smartphone and its interesting design.

As has been suggested by previous leaks, the phone has a very unique camera housing at the bottom.

Images shown during the Huawei event show the P50 with at least four camera sensors that occupy most of the back of the phone, with the Leica frame becoming a first in the series.

The phone also has a shiny gold finish on the sides and what appears to be a matte finish on the bottom.

We would expect to see the Huawei P50 launch now though it seems to be far from the case.

During the event, Huawei Consumer Business Group CEO Richard Yu said that a “launch date had not been set, but we are trying to understand how to make this great product available to you.” This comment seems to imply that the phone is ready to go, but it certainly casts doubt on a release date at any time.

When we get the Huawei, it will probably work on HarmonyOS, like the new one MatePad Pro.


1. Bring the magnificent zoom from the P40 Pro Plus to the Pro models

If you are looking for the best phone to zoom in then look no further than the Huawei P40 Pro Plus. In ours P40 Pro Plus overhaul, we were enchanted by the sharpness of his zoomed shots and how easily he overcame the refreshing Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra.

Huawei P40 Pro Plus

Huawei P40 Pro Plus and its massive array of Leica cameras

You should pay MUCH more for the P40 Pro Plus than the regular Pro though and hopefully next year, and the P50, some of this technology could be flashed in the Pro model. To be honest, I prefer that Huawei has eliminated the “Pro Plus” model altogether because it’s too much for a series to have more entries that aren’t that different. Make it simpler and focus on a more affordable flagship and a “Pro” model for those who want the best of the best.

2. A higher resolution screen, 120Hz would be nice – just don’t compromise on resistance

I’ve used a lot of 120Hz phones this year and the difference is obvious, especially when paired with a QHD + resolution. The 90Hz FHD + OLED of the P40 Pro series is far from poor and if Huawei were to push things a step further, I hope I can do it without sacrificing significant resistance. Samsung’s S20 Exynos-toting series struggled with battery life, however Oppo Find X2 Pro proves that you can pair 120Hz with QHD + and have a phone that can last two days.

3. Try different materials

The Huawei P40 Pro is a beautiful looking phone. It has a lot of smart touches, such as the curves both ends of the display and the matte back that doesn’t attract fingerprints. But, it would be nice to see Huawei experiment a little more with its materials. I’d love to see a leather back, like the glorious orange hue that comes with its high-end tablet, to give it that extravagant twist.

As it turns out, the P40 Pro is a tough phone to upgrade. At least in the areas Huawei is capable to improve it. It has one of the best cameras around, offers a lot of power, 5G across the board and an ergonomic and attractive design at the same time. If the application situation improves and some of the above requirements are added the P50 could well be an Android king in 2021.

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