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How to use ApplePay

Apple Pay is one of the easiest and most secure payment methods, and all you need is your iPhone. Here’s how to use it.

The convenience and usefulness of contactless payments has become apparent in recent years, with Apple Pay leading the way.

Using your iPhone, you can pay for purchases at merchants or make payments through websites and apps. Here’s how to use Apple Pay.

NOTE. We’ll start with the process of adding a card to Apple Wallet, as it’s critical to using Apple Pay. If you already have a map set up, skip to step 5.

What did we use

  • We used an iPhone 13 Pro, but these methods will work on any iPhone.

Short version

  • Open Apple Wallet
  • Add to wallet
  • Scan your card
  • Agree and confirm
  • Use Apple Pay in stores
  • Use Apple Pay online
  1. Step

    Open Apple Wallet

    Open the Wallet app, press the + buttonAdd an Apple Pay Wallet card

  2. Step

    Add to wallet

    Click “Debit or Credit Card” and then “Continue.”Add Apple Pay to Wallet

  3. Step

    Scan your card

    Hold the front of the card up to the camera’s viewfinder until your iPhone selects all the information you need. Check the information and click Next. Add your 3-digit CVV and click next.Apple Pay card details Security code

  4. Step

    Agree and confirm

    Click to accept your card issuer’s T&S, then select the desired authentication method (text, call, etc.) and click Next. Authenticate according to the selected method.Checking your Apple Pay card

  5. Step

    Use Apple Pay in stores

    Wait for the employee to indicate the readiness of payment at the checkout. Then double-click the side button on your iPhone to sign in to Wallet, and hold your phone near a contactless checkout until “Done” appears on your iPhone screen.Apple Pay

  6. Step

    Use Apple Pay online

    When paying on a website or app, look for the black “Buy with Apple Pay” button. Click it, then double-click the side button and authenticate to pay with Apple Pay.Apple Pay online

Finding a problem

How to use another card in the store?

While in Wallet, before completing a purchase, tap a card to view and select other cards.

How to use another card online?

After clicking the “Buy with Apple Pay” button and before double-clicking and authenticating, tap your card. Now choose your preferred payment m

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