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How to unlock your iPhone with an Apple Watch in iOS 14.5


It is now possible to use Face ID while wearing a face mask, if you have an Apple Watch on your wrist. Here’s how to implement the new one iOS 14.5 is watchOS 7.4 function.

The feature, which lands as part of the iOS 14.5 update today, will enable it Apple Watch used to by-pass the Passcode entry prompt that usually appears after a failed Face ID attempt.

Now, with the Apple Watch clip on the user’s wrist, the Face ID attempt will be successful even when only a small part of the face is visible. You have to enable the new setting in iOS 14.5, but it can only be achieved in a couple of taps.

First, you need to install iOS 14.5 by going into it Settings> General> Software Update. You can do this over the air, as always, as long as you’re connected to Wi-Fi and have a decent amount of battery life.

You will also need to download watchOS 7.4, which is also released today. You can update your Apple Watch touch Settings> General> Software Update directly on an Apple Watch connected to Wi-Fi with more than 50% battery remaining.

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Once both operating systems are updated, you can activate the unlock feature quickly. Just go ahead and go to Settings> Face ID & Passcode and scroll down to Unlock with Apple Watch. From there change the setting, which lists the name of your Apple Watch, to “On”

After that, the feature will be activated. Users will see a notification explaining “Apple Watch will unlock the iPhone when a mask is detected.” This is an important distinction. Don’t look for your hidden face behind a mask, just a mask itself.

Apple also explains that users will receive a haptic notification on their watch that will allow them to lock the iPhone again if they weren’t the ones who initiated the unlock. This is important because once the feature is enabled, anyone could pick up your phone while wearing a mask and unlock it, even if the Apple Watch is still nearby.

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