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How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Mac

While you don’t need to physically connect your iPhone to your Mac to transfer photos, it may be preferable that you do so.

If you’re in an area with a poor or no internet connection, or just have a lot of images to transfer, then connecting your iPhone the old fashioned way might be the best way to go.

Here’s how to transfer photos from iPhone to Mac.

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Short version

  • Connect your iPhone to your Mac
  • Open photos
  • Click on iPhone
  • Select photos and import
  1. Step

    Connect your iPhone to your Mac

    Connect iPhone to Mac with a Lightning-to-USB cable. The one that came with your iPhone will work, but any USB cable with Apple’s proprietary Lightning connector on one end will work.iPhone connect MacBook Lightning cable

  2. Step

    Open the Photos app.

    Open the Photos app on your Mac. You should see your iPhone listed on the left under Devices. Press here.Mac Photos app connects iPhone

  3. Step

    Trust your Mac

    Photos will now ask you to unlock your iPhone and your iPhone (when unlocked) will ask you if you trust your computer. Agree to trust him and enter your password to authenticate.Trust this computer

  4. Step

    Import photos

    Photos will now show you all the apps available for import. Select the photos you want to import and then click the “Import Selected” button, or click the “Import New Photo” button in the top right to only import fresh images that aren’t already in Photos.Photos app Import a new photo

  5. Step

    Turn off your iPhone

    After importing photos, unplug your iPhone.

Frequently asked Questions

What if I have a Windows PC?

The process is slightly different if you have a Windows PC and not a Mac, but it just as easy

What should I do if my Lightning-to-USB cable doesn’t fit my Mac?

There are two types of USB ports you may encounter on your Mac: the smaller USB-A and the larger USB-C. If your cable does not fit, you will need to purchase an appropriate USB dongle.

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