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How to stop iPhone apps from following you with Transparency App Tracking for iOS 14.5


Apple has finally launched the controversial Transparency Tracking App feature, which allows iPhone and iPad users choose whether third-party apps can track their activity outside of the app.

The function, which met with enormous resistance from the tastes of Facebook, arrives late in the u iOS 14.5 update and give users control of which apps allow them to track their activity on the web or in other apps.

Apple had delayed the function before after a outcry from stakeholders concerned about the impact on advertising revenue for businesses large and small Now Transparency App Tracking is here, apps will still be able to track users for targeted advertising, it is only now that they have to ask for permission first.

Apple says so on its own website: “Transparency App Tracking requires apps to obtain user authorization before tracking their data on apps or websites owned by other companies for advertising, or sharing their data with data brokers. Applications can ask users for permission, and in Settings, users can see which applications have asked for permission to follow so they can change their choice at any time. ”

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So how will it work? Well after installing iOS 14.5, iPhone, iPad and Apple TV owners (via tvOS 14.5) will start receiving notifications the next time they open the app. Notifications are similar to those asking for permission to track the situation, use the camera and other privacy-focused settings.


“Allow * application name * to track your activities in other companies’ applications and websites. Your data can be used to measure advertising efficiency,” the notification says.

Users will then have two options: “Ask the App Not to Track”, or “Allow”. As with similar tools made available for Apple’s Safari desktop browser, there’s a reason why the option is “ask not to follow” rather than “refuse to follow”. Despite the demand, some sites ignore the demand and do it anyway.

Apple says some tracking can be helpful, such as how your location is used to trigger discounts from nearby businesses. However, he says some apps take more data than they should and share it with third parties. Apple says these “data brokers” are able to build digital profiles of users that can influence how they spend their money and even the decisions they make.

Thus giving users more choice to refuse the practice. Conversely, if those users are happy with how the web has always worked, they can continue to allow apps to follow them. The company explains the feature in the video below.

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