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How to shoot 200 megapixel images on the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

Can you take 200MP photos with Galaxy S23 Ultra Pro camera mode?

While you might want to combine full 200MP capture with the photography features of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Pro, that’s currently not possible, limited to 50MP.

Can you take 200MP Expert RAW photos on the Galaxy S23 Ultra?

Unfortunately no. Like Pro mode, Expert RAW mode is limited to 50MP shooting on the Galaxy S23 Ultra. That’s more than last year’s 12.5MP flagship, but it’s not quite the full 200MP for those who need it.

Can the Galaxy S23 Ultra shoot in any other 200MP aspect ratio?

No, in the Camera app itself, it is limited to 3:4 capture, but you have the option to crop the photo after capture with the Gallery app or whatever editing app you use. You just need to keep cropping in mind when taking the photo in question, otherwise you might lose a key part of the photo after editing.

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