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How to Scan a QR Code with an Android Phone

QR codes are all around us, providing quick access to content through your Android phone’s camera.

Point your phone at a QR code in a magazine, poster or screen for direct access to a whole world of online content.

While there are a wide variety of Android user interfaces, the method for scanning QR codes is generally the same.

What did we use

  • We have tested this method on Sony Xperia Pro-I and Poco X4 Pro 5G, but these methods should work on any modern Android phone.

Short version

  • Open your Android phone’s camera app.
  • Bring the QR code to the viewfinder.
  • Tap the Google Lens icon
  • Approve any request
  • Click on the link
  1. Step

    Open your Android phone’s camera app.

    Open your phone’s stock camera app.

  2. Step

    Bring the QR code to the viewfinder.

    Point your phone at the QR code. At this point, some android camera UIs may block the QR code, in which case you will be able to click on the link that appears below. However, most will need the help of Google Lens.

  3. Step

    Tap the Google Lens icon

    Now you need to find the Google Lens icon and tap on it. The exact location of this icon can vary greatly depending on your phone model, but it’s usually found around the main camera UI. Otherwise, expand the Advanced/Modes menu (or equivalent) and it might be there.

  4. Step

    Approve any request

    At this point, you may be asked to “Open Camera”, so click the appropriate button if that’s the case. Some implementations of Google Lens will take you to a completely separate Lens user interface that requires your permission to access photos. Confirm by clicking “When using the app” if prompted.

  5. Step

    The Lens UI should appear and quickly lock onto the QR code, and the link will appear below. Tap the shutter button or direct link to jump to the corresponding piece of content.


What is a QR code?

Quick response codes, or QR codes, have been around since the mid-90s when they were used to track vehicles in the Japanese auto industry.

I still can’t see the Google Lens icon

If you can’t find the Google Lens icon in your phone’s camera UI, try download and open the Google Lens app instead.

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