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Honor 50 Release Date, Price, Features & Specifications News


Honor is in the process of releasing its latest range of smartphones, with the Honor 50 series now confirmed to arrive in China this month, and a global launch is expected to be even underway.

Here’s what we know so far about the Honor 50 series, when phones should arrive, and whether or not they will include Google support.

When will the Honor 50 be released?

Honor has confirmed that the Honor 50 will be officially unveiled on June 16th at an event in Shanghai, China.

You might have expected the Honor 40, which the company’s latest version (in China, at least) was a Honor V40. Traditionally the V models precede the regular flagships of the same number, so we expect the Honor 40, then the V50, and so what the series 50 after.

This year, it seems, Honor is breaking this trend and going straight to Honor 50 instead.

How much will the 50 honor cost?

There are still no details on the price for the Honor 50. It is also little known water, which the company was part of Huawei but was sold at the end of last year to release it from the embargo in the States United that prohibits Huawei from trading with most American companies, including Google.

This means that the new property may want to move the brand to the premium level instead of the affordable budget and average space it occupied earlier.

As an approximate estimate, the Honor V40 went on sale for CNY ¥ 3,599 (128GB model) or ¥ 3,999 (256GB), which works out to around £ 400 / $ 550 and £ 450 / $ 615 respectively. So, if Honor sticks to a similar spec and approach, then Honor 50 can cost around the same.

What features and specifications will be in the Honor 50?

With so little filtered at the time of writing, we can’t say for sure what the specific card will be for the Honor 50.

GSMArena he posted sketches he acquired showing the layout of the phone’s rear camera. These include a large single lens at the top, with two smaller ones in another circular section underneath.

Interestingly, an accompanying image also shows some sort of adaptation for the upper lens. It can be a physical filter or a physical lens, perhaps according to the lines of the Olloclip accessories that were popular on iPhones a few years ago?

However, the round camera module is one of the only elements of the phone hinted at in the first official teaser for the 50 series, which came close to announcing the launch date.

We have a better look at the rest of the possible design of the phone thanks to this render by Weibo Zealer user. It’s not clear if this is an Honor-filtered rendering, or a third-party CAD rendering based on fine-grained details, but anyway this is probably a pretty good estimate of the final concept.

Honor 50 render from Zealer


Honor has confirmed that the Honor 50 series will use a new chipset, the recently announced Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G. This is a mid-range successor to last year’s popular 765G, and is slightly below the recent 780G.

Previous filters suggest that we can see the Snapdragon 870 chipset used here – not high-end enough, but still a powerful component based on the flagship Snapdragon 865 hardware of 2019. It’s possible that the 778G will be in the Honor 50 base, with the 870 in the 50 Pro , and the most powerful Snapdragon 888 in the 50 Pro +.

The only other clear specification we have is coming from China’s 3C certification system, which has palisade chargers that will be bundled with the phone in China. The model number NTH-AN00 is believed to be the standard Honor 50, and will be shipped with a 66W charger.

Honor 50 Pro +

We have more details on the Honor 50 Pro +, expected to be the top phone in the series. The specifications of that phone appeared on the Master Lu benchmarking tool, and were subsequently shared on Weibo.

The 50 Pro + will apparently be powered by the Snapdragon 888, with at least 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of memory – despite Honor’s 778G announcement. This will power a 6.79-inch, 120Hz AMOLED display, while the 4400mAh battery will support 66W wired and 50W wireless charging.

Interestingly, a model that is believed to be the 50 Pro + is also listed on 3C, with the model number RNA-AN00. Instead of a 66W charger this is listed as shipped with a 100W charger though. This will be the first new charger produced by Honor (the 50 standard will still use the old Huawei concept) although it will also support Huawei’s 66W standard – so it’s possible that the charger itself will simply be more powerful than the phone’s maximum charging speed , which could still be 66W.

Prodigious speaker Digital Chat Station he also unveiled an image of the new 100W charger, which he also notes is planned to ship with the phone, as opposed to Apple and Samsung.

Honor the 100W charger

As for that weird camera module, expect a 50Mp main sensor, with 13Mp ultrawide and 8Mp 2x telephoto, with a ToF sensor. In front there will be a dual selfie camera, with 32Mp and 8Mp sensors.

Since this specific card, if true, is for the first model in the line, expect the regular Honor 50 and 50 Pro to offer a little less.

Will the Honor 50 have Google Play Services?

As mentioned above, Honor is no longer part of the Huawei group and as such will not fall under the trade ban that is currently in place against Huawei in the United States. While hardware sales are obviously important, the most essential reason to push the company was so that its products could use Google services, unlike other Huawei devices.

With that in mind, it seems hopeful that Honor will be able to have Google Play Services on board, which means the Play Store and all Google apps as well. Honor to CEO George Zhao confirmed in January that the company was in negotiations with Google, but no announcement has yet been made regarding the results of those negotiations, so for now we will have to wait and see.

A little more hope comes from the Twitter account Germany Germany, which tweeted (and later deleted, though not before GizmoChina I took it) an answer to a question about whether or not the Honor 50 supports Google:

“Yeah, we can confirm that. But pssst, it should be another surprise.”

Unless anyone in Honor’s German office has been misinformed, it seems a pretty clear confirmation that Google is returning to Honor.

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