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Hey iPhone users, get ready for a lot more ads.

Over the years, digital advertising has evolved from being a replacement for mass advertising to being the biggest threat it has ever faced. Valued at $340+ billion in 2020, digital advertising marketing is certainly nothing short of a treasure chest for tech organizations that have direct access to it. Apple understands this and wants to get more out of the industry, which is why the company announced in a recent report that they are looking forward to more ads on the iPhone and plan to do so by introducing ads in pre-installed apps. which previously had no ads.

Apple’s pre-installed ads such as the News, App Store and Stocks apps have had ads for a long time, however, according to reports, the company has begun testing ads in other pre-installed apps such as Apple Maps. After successful testing, the company is also expected to integrate ads on Apple Podcasts and Books.

Gurman, an Apple reviewer, suggested this a long time ago and said it could be used in two ways. For example, restaurants can pay to rank higher in search results on maps, while they can also be given the flexibility to choose where in the app they want their ad slots to appear.

Apple’s advertisers have set a goal, and that goal is to drive the company’s $4 billion in ad revenue into double digits. These enlarged advertisements are just another way to make this possible.

These are not the only efforts made by the tech giant. The company also announced that it is increasing the number of ads in the App Store. This means that users will see an increased number of ad spaces both on the home page and on the individual app page in the App Store.

“Opportunities for developers of all sizes to grow their business. Like our other promotional offerings, these new ad placements are built on the same foundation, will only contain content from app-approved product pages on the App Store, and will adhere to the same strict privacy standards,” Apple said, speaking of the increase the amount of advertising.

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