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Government Withdraws Letter From Apple Requiring IT 2021 Compliance: Report


The government has reportedly withdrawn a letter it sent to Apple India asking for details of compliance with the 2021 Information Technology Regulations (Guidelines for Resellers and Digital Media Code of Ethics), which are widely known as the new IT regulations that have come into force. earlier this year. year. The letter was withdrawn after the government realized that Apple’s iMessage would not be viewed as a “social media go-between.” The rules define a social media intermediary who “primarily or exclusively provides interactive interaction between two or more users and allows them to create, upload, share, distribute, modify or access information through their services.”

May 26, Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (c.MeitY) wrote a letter to all social media resellers asking for details on compliance with the new IT rulesApple was reported to have been one of these entities, but is now claimed to be not one of them.

Referring to people familiar with the matter, The Indian Express reports that the ministry of information technology found iMessage “Was not the main or only provider of instant messaging services to facilitate communication between two or more people.” This, however, is at odds with how Apple is promoting its rich messaging service as a company. Highlights its functionality allowing interoperability iPhone, iPad, Ipod touch, as well as Mac users.

IT rules also define social media platform as a “significant social media intermediary” with over five million active users in India. Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, as well as LinkedIn everything fall under this definition

According to the Indian Express report, iMessage was also initially considered among the significant social media intermediaries, given that it has over 25 million active users in the country. However, MeitY later reportedly concluded that since Apple’s service is not a standalone messaging application that can be downloaded to any device, it is not considered a “primary or only” entity separate from the company.


“Unlike other messaging apps like WhatsApp, can anyone download iMessage to their phone and use it? If we apply this logic, then even food delivery platforms and especially gaming platforms provide the ability to chat with other players. Should they then be considered a social media intermediary? The answer is no, ”the newspaper quotes a senior government official as saying.

Since the IT Department has reportedly withdrawn a letter it sent to Apple to comply with the new IT regulations, it is unclear if Apple is still obligated to provide iMessage conversation tracking records, which is considered one of the outstanding features law. The company also does not appear to be required to have local compliance officers, hub services and complaints officers in the country as it is not a significant social mediator.

Both MeitY and Apple did not respond to requests for comment on this matter at the time of submitting this article.

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