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Google’s overall Pixel sales are barely comparable to what Samsung sells in a year.

According to an authoritative source, Google’s lifetime sales of Pixel phones are paltry compared to the number of phones sold by Samsung in a single year.

On the day of the brilliant announcement of the Google Pixel 7 smartphone, the company will be justifiably proud of its impact on the industry. Of course, she created Android, while last year’s Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro were her biggest phone releases.

Bloomberg technical editor Vlad Savov shared a piece of Pixel sales data he got from market research company IDC, and it could be sobering.

In the six years that Google has been selling its own phones, it has managed to sell 27.6 million units. This is a tenth of the number of phones sold by Samsung in 2021 alone.

Of course, Samsung has been selling smartphones for a lot longer than Google. It sounds strange when it comes to one of the biggest tech brands in the world, but Samsung is the more established name in this particular industry and has sales in a lot more countries as a result.

There’s also the fact that Samsung sells a lot more smartphone models, from high-end flights of fancy like the foldable Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 to the cheap and fun Samsung Galaxy A12 and more. Google, on the other hand, sells two or three phone models a year.

However, these are useful (though not official) statistics to keep in mind. Google Pixel phones may be greeted with all the glitz and glamor of a Samsung and Apple release, but solid sales figures show they’re more niche.

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