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Google’s fantastic Pixel 7 drops to £480 in this unmissable deal

The Google Pixel 7 is one of the easiest Android phones to recommend, and this latest price cut makes it an even more enticing upgrade.

Go to Amazon and you can buy the stunning Google Pixel 7 for just £480.47. That’s below the usual suggested retail price of £599. Given that the initial price is a bargain, this additional savings is the icing on the cake.

This represents a savings of £118.53, or 20%, making it the lowest price the black version has ever dropped to on Amazon UK. You are really getting yourself a deal here.

This particular Pixel 7 comes unlocked so you don’t have to sign a lengthy contract. Just insert the SIM card inside and you’re done.

Google’s fantastic Pixel 7 drops to £480 in this unmissable deal

The stunning Google Pixel 7 smartphone is now even more of a bargain thanks to a massive price cut on Amazon. Pack the phone for just £480.47 compared to the suggested retail price of £599.

The Pixel 7 is one of the best Google phones we’ve tested. It has a great camera, a slick screen and top-notch design, and plenty of handy Google software tweaks you won’t find on the competition.

With the Google-designed Tensor 2 chipset, performance for both day-to-day tasks and gaming is excellent, and there’s 128GB of storage for your files. The 6.3-inch display has a 90Hz refresh rate, and we found it to be compact enough to be comfortably used with one hand.

Pixel phones have always shined with their camera performance, and the story remains true here. There are two rear cameras, both of which can capture very sharp pictures and videos. Skin tones are a real star, everything looks very natural and realistic. The selfie camera is good too, and the camera app has a lot of neat tricks, like blurring your face, that can save bad photos.

In our brilliant Pixel 7 review, we said, “Overall, the Pixel 7 is a very strong phone, and the camera is its most notable strength.” We followed that up by saying, “If you’re looking for a mid-range Android phone and your top priority is a good camera, you’ll have a hard time looking past the Pixel 7.”

If that’s not exactly what you’re looking for for Pixel savings, we’ve rounded up the best Pixel deals of the month to make sure you get the phone you want at the right price.

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