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Google will soon end support for Gmail, YouTube, and Drive sign-in on older Android phones


Google no longer supports sign-in on Android phones with version 2.3.7 or earlier. The change will take effect on September 27, according to an email sent by Google to users. The email encourages users to upgrade to Android 3.0 Honeycomb as a minimum to continue using Google apps even after September. This will affect system and app level sign-in, but users should still be able to sign into Gmail, Google Search, Google Drive, YouTube, and other Google services through their phone browser.

In his 9to5Google report general screenshot of email sent to users who might be affected by this change. Very old Android users are likely to be very few, and Google is obviously doing this to help protect user data and keep the account secure. Starting September 27, users of Android version 2.3.7 and below will receive a “username or password error” whenever they try to sign in to any Google app downloaded to their phone.

These emails look like a warning sign to the few users who are still using outdated software versions, urging them to either update their software or change their phone.

After September 27, the report states that users of older versions of Android will receive an error message if they try to sign in to Google products and services such as Gmail, YouTube, and Maps. They will also get an error if they try to add or create a new Google account or perform a factory reset and try to sign in again. Older Android users will get an error if they try to change their Google account password, which will cause users to log out on all devices and try to login again. The username and password error will be displayed even after you delete the account from the device and try to add it again.

Basically, there is no workaround for Android v2.3.7 and earlier software users, and it is better to look for alternatives to continue to use Google apps and services seamlessly.

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