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Google removes Android Apps that have stolen Facebook passwords


Google has officially removed Android apps that have committed major privacy violations. So far, the tech giant has removed nine apps from the Play Store after discovering that these apps were designed to steal Facebook’s login data. These apps had over 5.8 million apps and looked like your causal apps like ‘Daily Horoscope’ or ‘Trash Cleaner’.

These apps contained malware that tricked users into displaying a real Facebook login page but it was actually a JavaScript file consisting of a control server to hijack user credentials and pass them through the app. In addition, these apps will also steal cookies from the session.


Although the applications had different variations of the malware, they all used the same JavaScript code and file formats to scroll through the information.

Although Google has eliminated such harmful apps, the question here is how much security can be improved in the Play Store similar to Apple’s App Store which gives users more security and control over what they do in those apps. Users should not download such apps from the Play Store and attempt to download those that are verified and that have appropriate reviews.

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