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Google provides the ability to install apps on Android TV via smartphones, users report

Google is reportedly expanding the ability to download apps from the Play store to Android TVs from smartphones. This capability is deployed as a server-side update and is not immediately visible to all users. However, several users are now reporting receiving this new ability to install apps on their Android TV directly from their phone. This feature has been available on the web version of Google Play for quite some time, allowing you to run apps on Chromecast and Shield TV. This feature is now available for smartphones as well.

Several users have switched to Reddit To report the emergence of this ability to download applications from smartphones for Android TVs. For those who have received this opportunity, new parameters will appear under the install button. Users can choose if they want to install on a phone or on an Android TV that works with the same Google account. If the app was installed on all devices, Google marks it as “Installed on all devices”. Likewise, if the app is downloaded on the phone but not on Android TV, it will ask users to install it on the TV using the install button next to the TV’s name.

Gadgets 360 failed to test new feature on Google Play. Police Android reports that this is a server side update and not every phone will have access to these new options right away. This will most likely work for Chromecast from Google TV and compatible Android TVs.

The Chromecast from Google TV was announced back in October, with 4K HDR support and a separate remote control. The new Chromecast was more like the Amazon Fire TV in that it offers an Android TV interface, not just the ability to stream media to your TV. It supports 4K HDR streams at up to 60fps, Dolby Atmos, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby Vision, DTSX, HDR10 +, and H.265.

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