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Google Protected by Android Branding reveals privacy and security features

Google has introduced the Protected by Android brand for security and privacy on Android. The Android YouTube channel, first shown last week in Google I/O screenshots, has now uploaded a short branding video on how Android keeps your information safe. The video also highlighted several features of the Android platform and ecosystem, including Verified by Play Protect, monthly security updates, and location permissions. The video also contains a link to the Protected by Android website. Google recently introduced a privacy guide, which is a step-by-step guide to some of the existing privacy and security controls in Chrome.

Protected Android seems to be Google’s latest brand for privacy and security on Android. The “Protected by Android” video was uploaded today by the tech giant to the Android YouTube channel. The description of the video states: “Android is designed to keep you and your information safe so you can focus on what matters most. Android always protects you – from detecting and eliminating malicious applications to helping you manage your personal information.”

The 50-second video begins with an animation of a green android turning into a green shield with a check mark. The rest of the video is a compilation of images of people on their smartphones along with captions. The first caption reads: “Whatever you do, you can rest easy when you’re protected by Android.”

The video highlights three features of the platform and ecosystem. These include “Verified by Play Protect” with the heading “You are safe from malware and malicious applications”, monthly security updates with the quote “Protected by continuous security” and location access permissions with the heading “And in control of your personal information”.

The video ends with “Android protects you so you can focus on what’s important, and the ticked shield turns back to green Android. There is a link in the video description to protectedbyandroid.comwhich redirects you to

Google last week at I/O 2022 disclosed Android 13’s upcoming single security and privacy settings page will display the Protected by Android branding, which can be seen under the “Scan Device” button and under the “Remove Malicious App” button.

Photo Credit: Google Security Blog

Google recently introduced a privacy guide, which is a step-by-step guide to some of the existing privacy and security controls in Chrome. The Privacy Guide is designed to make it easy for users to understand what happens when a particular setting is turned on or off.

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