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Google port and Covid digital vaccination cards in Android


Google is adding the ability for Android users to upload a digital version of their Covid-19 vaccination card, allowing people to provide proof of their status if the situation calls for it.

While there is still no moral consensus of any kind on the idea of ​​vaccination passports, having the jab has already opened doors to the public in the travel and entertainment industry, in some countries.

In a post on u Google Developers Blog, the company says Android users will be able to store a digital version of the “COVID Card” on their mobile device, which can be accessed via a shortcut on the home screen.

“When a user wants to access their COVID Card, they will be asked for the password, pin or biometric method installed for their Android device,” says Google.

So, if you need to provide your vaccination status before boarding a flight, a cruise or entering a concert venue, for example, you should not carry the fragile piece of cardboard issued by your healthcare provider. It will also be useful for those worried about losing their vaccination card. Google says the healthcare provider in question should also be on board.

Google says users will not need the Google Pay app and the user’s vaccination card will not be retained by the company. Third parties will not have access and will not be used to target users with advertising. The very fact that society has to signal that we talk a lot, but we are ad-libbing here

Plans are to launch the feature in the United States initially, followed by other countries. It cannot be assumed that the UK will be among them, providing approval.


Google adds: “As of today, developers of healthcare organizations, government agencies, and organizations authorized by public health authorities to distribute COVID vaccines and / or tests will have access to these APIs to create a digital version of COVID vaccines or test information “.

Of course, the mere question of vaccination passwords is a deeply controversial question for which there is no clear and logical answer.

While, in theory, the idea is that your vaccination status could unlock a return to normal given the presumed lower probability that you could a) become infected with, b) become seriously ill, and c) transmit Covid-19 to the following your citizens sounds logical.

However, preventing the part of the vaccinated – who have chosen to choose or the inability to medically find / tolerate a jab – to participate in society could easily become discriminatory and evoke frightening elements of Europe’s more recent history. Governments must pass with caution here.

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