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Google Pixel 6 Pro display flickering fix in December

Google has confirmed that there will soon be a fix for the display flickering issue that affects some Pixel 6 Pro devices.

Some early adopters of the Google Pixel 6 Pro reported a curious issue where the phone display flickers when off and lightly pressing the power button.

Or, to use Google’s wording: “Pixel 6 Pro users may notice small temporary artifacts on the display when the device is turned off and when they press the power button with little pressure but not enough to turn it on.”

This summary is part of the new Google Pixel Phone help add-on. support page

While acknowledging the problem, Google emphasizes that it is not hardware related. He claims a software fix for the flickering issue will be provided in the December software update for the Pixel 6 Pro.

In the meantime, Google recommends that users “do not press and turn off the power button” when the phone is turned off. Rather, they should “hold down the power button long enough to turn it on.” This all sounds very obvious indeed.

Display quirks aside, in our review we found the Pixel 6 Pro to be “the most advanced phone Google has ever made.” We were particularly impressed with its “gorgeous all-round rear camera” and “wonderfully clean” Android 12 software.

It’s a shame the phone’s battery life is mediocre. Hopefully Google can improve this in future software updates as well.

Given that Google has pledged five years of support for security updates and three full versions of Android, there should be plenty of room for that.

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