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Google Pixel 6 expected to support Apple’s spatial audio feature, reveals Android 13 Beta 1

On Tuesday, Google made an important announcement about the release of the first beta for Android 13. Shortly after, files in Android 13 were found to offer an Apple-like spatial audio feature that could possibly come with the Google Pixel 6 series. The information was leaked on Twitter via Mishaal Rahman of, who also shared screenshots to support his claims. Android 13 Beta 1 comes with a spatial effect, but it’s not fully functional yet. The spatial audio feature may be ready when the final version of Android 13 is ready for release to the general public, which is expected to happen in the fall of 2022.

Rahman found library file for the spatial sound effect in the “soundfx” folder. Information received so far suggests Google’s support for spatial audio in future Android 13 devices that may arrive later this year. Google has not provided any clarification regarding the inclusion of any such feature in the Pixel 6 series or future Pixel 6 models.

However, there is no clear information on how Google will enable this feature and whether it will require any specific headphones or whether it will work fine with any hardware. With the introduction of spatial audio, Google is strengthening its position in the premium audio market to compete with Apple. It will be interesting to see if Google brings the spatial audio feature to its Android 13 devices this year.

Along with support for spatial audio, the release of Android 13 Beta 1 hinted at several other updates. The announcement included a mention of new privacy features such as permission to notify and a photo picker, as well as a mention of an API to improve the user experience. These APIs will feature themed app icons, quick settings tile placement, and per-app language support. Android 13 Beta 1 will also ship with support for Bluetooth LE audio and MIDI 2.0 via USB.

Those who haven’t tested Android developer previews before can now download and test the latest Android 13 beta in a few easy steps. Google has invited users can provide feedback on Android 13 Beta 1 by registering any supported Pixel devices.

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