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Google may be working on second foldable phone with triple rear cameras, high-end tablet, developer says

According to the developer, Google may be working on a second foldable phone and a new tablet. The developer has shared a screenshot of code from Google’s Quarterly Platform Release 1 (QPR1) Android 13 beta that points to the camera specs of another foldable phone from the tech giant. Referring to the code, the developer added that the phone could be equipped with a triple rear camera setup with a Sony IMX787 main sensor, a Sony IMX386 ultra-wide angle lens, and a Samsung S5k3J1 telephoto lens. The company was previously reported to be working on a foldable phone earlier this year.

Cuba Wojciechowsk, a developer, recently took to Twitter to share screenshots of the code from Google’s Android 13 QPR1 beta. Hiding in Google’s code, the developer discovered two new devices the company could be working on. The former is said to be a foldable phone codenamed “Felix” while the latter is a high-end tablet codenamed “T6Pro” or “tangorpro”. On the same Twitter thread, Wojciechowsk also shared the camera specs of Google’s alleged foldable phone.

Codenamed “Felix” by Google, the foldable phone will come with a triple rear camera setup, Wojciechowska said. The phone is said to have an IMX787 main sensor, an IMX386 ultra wide-angle lens, and an S5K3J1 telephoto lens. The internal display is said to have an IMX355 sensor. On the external display, the phone may have a telephoto lens for the S5k3J1 selfie camera.

Wojciechowsk also added that Google’s high-end tablet codenamed “T6Pro” or “tangorpro” is still under development and the code doesn’t hint at any changes to be a tablet. According to an earlier report, the Google Pipit foldable phone has been spotted on Geekbench.

The Pipit phone was supposed to use the Tensor SoC. Wojciechowsk believes the Felix is ​​a different foldable smartphone than the previously spotted Pipit. The developer also said that the Tensor SoC for a foldable smartphone is rumored to be obsolete by the time it launches. According to another report, Google’s foldable phone will be called Pixel Fold or Pixel Notepad.

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