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Google just leaked the Pixel 6a – but you’ll never guess how

The existence of the Google Pixel 6a has been officially confirmed for the first time, but the secret has slipped out in a rather strange way.

It’s not uncommon for smartphone specs to be leaked months before an official announcement; for example, we have already seen many of these regarding the Samsung Galaxy S22 and OnePlus 10 Pro. But while usually this insider information can be provided by a well-connected Twitter whistleblower, the Pixel 6a was inadvertently confirmed by Google thanks to – primarily – a coloring book.

Image Credit: DroidLife

Droidlife reports that members of the Google Pixel Superfans group recently received a small package of goodies that included the coloring book in question. On the back page (shown in the image above), a certain “Pixel 6a” is listed as being on pages 6-7, but the device is not actually on those pages.

This is considered confirmation by the company itself that the phone actually exists, but it’s hard to imagine how or why the baffling bug occurred in the first place as the phone’s expected release date is still a few months away.

The Pixel 6a is expected to launch in May and will be a follow-up to the August 2021 Pixel 5a, but only available for purchase in the US and Japan. Google’s formula for these devices tends to be to pack a flagship-level camera into a mid-range smartphone, and we’ve certainly been impressed with previous models in the series like the Pixel 4a.

According to the latest rumors, the Pixel 6a boasts the same Tensor chip as Google’s flagship Pixel 6 Pro, but it will most likely have a 12.2MP camera rather than the 50MP one that this device has. Our best idea of ​​the new phone’s design is shown in the image above, where it’s no wonder it looks a lot like other phones in the Pixel 6 lineup.

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