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Google I/O 2022 will be held May 11-12, registration is free, open for virtual viewing

The company announced that Google I/O 2022 will be held from May 11 to 12. Like last year, Google I/O will be free for almost everyone this year. However, the event will be streamed live from the Google Shoreline Amphitheater – a regular venue for the I/O conference – and will have a “limited live audience” that may include Google employees and some partners. Google also continued the tradition of releasing the “SVD” puzzle before announcing dates for its annual developer-focused conference.

CEO Sundar Pichai announced Google I/O 2022 dates via tweet posted on Thursday. The conference will be broadcast live and will be available to everyone virtually.

According to the FAQ page accessible on the Google I/O website, registration for the conference will begin at the end of this month.

In a statement general with The Verge, Google spokesman Alex Garcia-Kummert said this year’s event will be streamed live to a limited audience. Google refined Axios’ Ine Fried said the limited audience will primarily include Google employees and some partners.

This suggests that for the rest of the participants, Google I / O this year will remain an online event.

In 2020, Google canceled its I/O conference entirely due to the emergence of COVID-19. However, last year this event was only held online.

Google I/O has been popular with mobile and web developers since its inception in 2008. However, among the general public, the conference has gained significant popularity over the past few years with various consumer-focused announcements, including the release of new Android features.

Last year, Google introduced Android 12 with Material You design. It also announced a partnership with Samsung to develop a new Wear OS update.

Google is likely to showcase Android 13 at its I/O conference this year, and could give details about rumored foldable phones and Pixel Watch developments. We’ll also likely see the Pixel 6a as Google’s new affordable Android phone.

Ahead of Google I/O 2022 Announcement Dates Google released an SVD puzzle in an environment where enthusiasts were asked to unravel a given string with some links.

The puzzle contains overlapping shapes and a sonic toy that can be used to solve the puzzle and learn the dates as a fun exercise.

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