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Galaxy S22’s biggest update has nothing to do with specs

OPINION: Samsung just unveiled a brilliant lineup of new smartphones, but the product announcement showed that the brand has an even bigger problem.

Samsung’s all-new Galaxy S22 line has just wowed the tech world with even more year-on-year improvements and seemingly pushing the boundaries for Android smartphones once again.

But if you can take your eyes off the stunning screens and plethora of cameras for even a minute, then you’ll be just as impressed by the leaps Samsung is making in its environmental safeguards.

It’s no secret that the world of technology, unfortunately, every year creates huge losses and damages the environment; it’s the flip side of launching all those shiny new top-notch products that we love obsessing over. Even if we often put it in the background and prefer to think about other things, we can never completely forget about it.

However, at the Unpacked event, which was held to announce the Galaxy S22 series and Galaxy Tab S8 lineup, Samsung took a bold step to put sustainability at the forefront of its product launch—even before we saw these many- long awaited gadgets.

The manufacturer had several new initiatives on this issue. The biggest one was to recycle discarded plastic fishing nets that would otherwise be tethered to the ocean and thus pose a threat to marine life. This recycled material, along with other post-consumer recycled materials, will be used in various components of the new flagship line of phones, but it’s not just the phones themselves that will get a green boost; the significantly reduced packaging is made from 100% recycled paper, while the screen protector is also made from recycled plastic.

All official cases are “designed with UL-certified sustainable materials such as recycled plastic or bio-based materials.” As a company, Samsung is currently fully utilizing renewable energy in the US, Europe and China.

Considering that the United Nations has formed a partnership with Samsung to achieve its sustainability goals, and that the manufacturer as a whole has committed to extending the lifespan of products (as evidenced by long-term software support), it seems like these changes are here forever. . not as a passing fad.

It goes without saying that more could be done; but it’s good to see that a major manufacturer is addressing these issues and making some progress rather than ignoring them in the hope that we will completely forget about the environmental costs of new technologies. By taking a step forward and leading by example, we can only hope that other companies follow Samsung’s example not only in cutting-edge technology, but also in cutting-edge environmental activism.

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