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Galaxy S21 FE, OnePlus 10 Pro and Realme GT 2

CES is usually a quiet trade show for smartphone aficionados, with launches targeting cars, TVs and smart homes, but in 2022 it was decided to change some trends and the show will have major phone launches.

First, Samsung finally has released the long-awaited (and there are many rumors about it) Galaxy S21 FE. This mid-range successor to the S21 lineup has good specs and a really sleek design, but after months of delays, can it really match Samsung’s $ 699 asking price?

We also know a lot more about the OnePlus 10 Pro than we expected. The design and specs of the phone were unveiled at CES this week ahead of its full launch in China next week, and we love a lot of what we’ve seen on the phone. However, OnePlus will have a hard time getting its fans back, and the lack of the regular OnePlus 10 is unlikely to help.

Finally, Realme did not attend CES, but it did launch the GT 2 series anyway – at least in China. The heavily leaked GT 2 Pro was joined by the regular GT 2, but it was the Pro that still caught our attention thanks to the arrival of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 and other specs that mark it as the real flagship promised by Realme.

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